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Three Rivers Land Trust

Preserving and Protecting our Farmland for the Future

In 2010 Berry Best Farm was protected from future development by the Three Rivers Land Trust (3RLT) www.3RLT.org  The loss of viable farmland in York County is becoming an increasing concern. Have you noticed how often housing developers have snatched up open fields for housing--land not likely to be ever tilled again, land lost as open space, land available for food production, pasture or potential forest? We have been concerned and thinking about this issue for some time, but when a nearby field recently sprouted seven houses, we knew it was time to put actions in place. For the past 11 years, 3RLT has been helping landowners preserve and conserve our natural resources. With the help of 3RLT volunteers and through numerous meetings an agreement was drawn up which protects our farm forever from development to be enjoyed by future generations.

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